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Here's a new thing. I'm offering for sale this unique ceramic coupe plate along with a bundle of hand screen printed cards, postcards and prints. Each bundle comes with 1 x plate, 3 x hand printed greetings cards, 1 x hand printed postcard and 1 x screen print (on newsprint). Over the summer I printed a set of decals and decorated about a dozen plates with the, each one slightly, or a lot, different to the others. This is one of the 6 remaining ones that I am offering for sale. They are bone china and dishwasher proof although I see them as pieces of art to hang on your wall, but you cold just as easily eat your marmite on toast off them. The bundle of printed stuff is different in each box and is a random selection with no guarantees as to which ones you will get. It all comes in a screen printed gift bo and postage is free. As they say in marketing, once they're gone they're gone

Unique Ceramic Plate Bundle #5

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