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A3 screen print on 250gsm G.F.Smith paper. As always, my photographic skills don't quite do the colours justice, but believe me when I tell you that the yellow, pink and blue really zing.  I'm calling this one Kaleidoscopoe after one of those twisty tube things from the seventies. Printed with water based ink and some slight registration issues adds to each print's individuality. The intention is to  celebrate the unique qualities of each print, as such, in committing to buy one of these you are embracing the odd glitch/blob unique blemish.  An edition of 7, embossed, signed and numbered on the back. Comes with free P&P, unframed but will fit snugly in to a frame from our favourite Swedish meatball emporium. Biodegradeable packaging.

Kaleidoscope Screen Print [unframed]

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