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A3 six colour hand screen printed onto grey board and kraft card.  Gone is the expensive paper and slavish attention to colour registration and detail, replaced by recycled grey (pulp) board and hopefully a new, and interesting direction. My first print 12 months ago was of Fred, the Homepride Flour Man, who lives in our kitchen as a flour shaker. In lockdown we were obviously restricted as to where we could go so I drew all of my inspiration from what was around me, Fred, a table lamp, my reading glasses etc, etc. 12 months on, with some level of skill achieved,although still plenty of blobs and fingerprints,  I decided to revisit my flour sifting buddy, to see what we could come up with. Fred with Reddish/Orangey Eyes is one of the results. He is in an edition of 7, numbered, signed, and each with individual quirks and differences and on different board and card. No choice here just the next one off the rank.  Hope you like him. He comes unframed but will fit a standard A3 frame from our favourite Swedish Meatball Emporium. He will be posted out flat and p&p is free.

Fred with Orangeish/Red Eyes Screen Print

£30.00 Regular Price
£27.00Sale Price
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